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April showers by OSIDUS
April showers
Bring may flowers
Mayflowers bring pilgrims.

Nagafen 3452st
Moroaica 8897

At the Phandom-Ridge Cattery, Sharky didn't realize that she'd stumbled in on their mini, random, cattery-wide flower party. Vlad was nowhere to be seen, but Sharky was quickly invited to join in by Ember and Anne. A couple other guests were there with their own cats to join the others for a small and simple get-together. One of them Sharky knew- Jaspar. They had only met a couple times before but it was more or less because of Jaspar that Sharky got her second cat- Sargentium. Last she checked they were on awkward terms, but it surprised Sharky when Jaspar came up to her and dared her to try and put some flowers in the manes of Moroaica and Nagafen- two more or less... “fun” cats in the cattery.

Ember and Anne agreed it was a good idea, while Harry quickly volunteered to hold Nagafen on a headhalter.

“He could snap.” he explained. Sharky didn't doubt it- she knew the cats and while they were never particularly friendly, they certainly were never mean to her before.

She agreed to the challenge and they handed her a small bouquet and a stepstool.

She walked out rather confidently into the corral- after all, you didn't want to look like prey. Nagafen hissed as she walked in, but Moroaica couldn't care less- she was asleep. Sharky carefully went to her, first, sorting out some red roses for her and beginning to bunch some up to stick into Moroaica's thick mane.

Sharky could feel the phone cameras trained on her from the gate as she carefully placed the first three roses into Moraica's pristine white mane. A rumble was heard and Sharky ducked before a pawful of daggers hit her. Moroaica jumped up and roared at Sharky before calming down- realizing it was just a human.

Sharky was just glad that she didn't embarrass herself on camera yet. She stood and watched as Moroaica turned her head and sniffed the roses on her shoulder. She licks one and then just ignores it. Sharky then outsretches her arm and Moroaica obliges to come close and sniff it.... and maybe lick it a bit... or maybe nibble....

Before Moraica could do any accidental damage, Sharky slipped the fourth delicate Rose into her hair behind Moraica's ear and, though simple, it looked wonderful there.

Sharky then turned to Nagafen, who was standing and held on a short leash by Harry. Sharky placed the stool over next to Nagafen and watched him lean a little away from the stool- He wasn't going to make it easy.

Fine, Sharky thought. She walked over to his face and quickly placed a violet behind his ear- to which Nagafen returned a very aggravated snort. As Sharky continued up his long mane, Nagafen never stopped to breathe as he uttered an unceasing, restrained growl.

Sharky couldn't help but laugh to herself a little over poor Nagafen. Harry was ready at any point to yank the leash should Nagafen try to snap, but he never did. Once it was over, Sharky got off the stool and picked it up, trotting over to where the others were standing on the other side of the gate. From there she watched: as soon as Harry took the headhalter off of Nagafen the cat bolted off and was scratching his head and neck with his paws and rolling around trying to get the flowers out of his mane.

The girls were laughing as Jaspar caught it all on her camera phone.

When Harry got back to the gate, Sharky turned to the girls. “Alright, what's next?”

teaser by OSIDUS

It was only eventual that Sharky would wake up, figuring that while she was surrounded by a bunch of giant cats, that she couldn't talk to. She spoke Leonine. They spoke Jubatus. She needed to talk to someone. She just had to.

It bothered her most that one time when she talked to Vesper- the partial Komainu that belonged to the Chaos League. It wasn't very good communication, but it was much more effective than trying to use reigns.

The biggest issue is that she HAD partial komainus, and they could roar like a komainu, but they didn't have any cat who to learn the komainu language from. She wanted to have that somehow, and what's more- she needed someone to talk to secretly.

She had heard that the same cattery who had Vesper also had several other almost pure komainus... perhaps it was a chance...

Sharky threw the covers off and jumped out of bed. It was past 8:00- the Chaos League ought to be awake, and not yet saddled for their nightly races. She called Vlad.

“It's Sharky. Do your Komainus need any training?”

“... What?”
“Your komainus, do they need training?”
“Sharky, are you planning something?”
“I will feed them, groom them, bathe them, train them, and not street race them or breed them at all for free.”

It sounded like a good deal, but presented terribly.

“... uh... Why?”

“I need some intelligent conversation.”

He understood that- he remembered how Sharky could talk to Vesper a little, and how effective it was... an almost pure Komainu? She could train them to do lots of cool stuff- fast.

“Ok... Why didn't you just say so? All yours, and you'd better keep your word. Just be sure you're only training them- I want to see results when we get them back.”
“Aye, that's the policy”.

“You have two months.”


They hung up.

After some further arrangements about the next few weeks, Sharky was driving them up to Sunstorm Cattery from the Train Station. She had gone to pick them up from their cattery herself- personally choosing the sweetest-tempered females she could hoping that they would be at least a little social with the other cats-. One thing she found while on the train ride with them: there was no Jubatus lisp- she could understand what they were saying-if it was a similar word in Leonine- perfectly.

They had already gotten to know each other on the train. The big grey-brown girl's name was Varda Elentari, but went by “GRAAR” in Komainu. The slightly-smaller red cat was Vaire, called “RER” in Komainu. Sharky liked Vaire- she was always checking on how Sharky was doing if she lost balance in the slightes because the train hit a bump, and was constantly insisting that she come and sit with her in the train stable so she could fuss over her more and be “safe”.

Sharky couldn't help but to think that Vaire reminded her of her grandmother.

Varda was Vaire's daughter. She definitely knew her place- she was her mother's daughter, but she was bigger, louder, stronger, and towered over every Shedu she's ever met. She was always elegant, calm, and humble, though. She didn't talk much, but was always a good listener. A good strong queen, Sharky thought, to influence the other cats at Sunstorm Headquarters.

Sharky found herself to be rather chatty on the trip- she was nervous about how they would react to the other cats, or how the other cats would react to giant lion-like Shedus, and spent most of her time telling Varda and Vaire how chaotic it sometimes was.

And once they got to the Cattery, it WAS chaotic. There was rumor about a new auxiliary manager who would probably be hired soon, someone with a Novice Diploma. Everyone was also running about worried or stressed about how there had been a small outbreak of 'stable-cough' while Sharky was away.

Just perfect.

Excitement was just a part of the air in the cattery, and some of the more... playful... cats were running about more crazily than usual. The more reserved cats, the ones who usually kept things calmer, were nowhere to be seen. They had bailed to the noise and had gone to the outskirts of the property to have time to themselves.

The infected cats were in their stables so it wouldn't spread while most of the staff was busy deep-cleaning every inch of the cattery.

Sharky didn't even need to ask; one supercharged roar from Varda silenced everyone present.

(She couldn't help but think to herself: “Man, these cats are awesome....”)

One of the chief stablehands came over and (scared of the giant lions behind her) gave Sharky the report. Once given, Sharky told them to carry on; she needed to show the guests around the property, anyways. It was a long train ride- they all needed a stretch.

Sharky tacked up Vaire and leashed Varda for a Cross-country run through the mountains- she needed to know how well they could endure long distances before she could train them. Varda wore a pack with supplies.

They were off towards the mountains within maybe 20 minutes. Vaire wanted to stay and see the building, but didn't mind the trip once Sharky told her that they would be going to meet some of the cats first.

After 20 miles, 12 stops and 1 accidental attack from Soulfire, Sharky found herself in an area of the Property that she hadn't seen before- it was a small desert within the edges of a bowl-like canyon.

A small waterfall fed into the canyon to make one tiny little oasis at the bottom- but there was no way to get there, and the cats were complaining that they were thirsty.

Sharky unsaddled them both- warning them to stay close. She set out the food and water and sat a safe way from the canyon edge to look at it- she'd never seen one like this before and ended up staring off into space thinking about things and processing the day. She didn't notice the cats come and sit next to her until she began to smell... smoke?

She looked at Vaire. Inbetween her teeth was a small pipe.

“Where'd you get that?” she asked the cat in leonine.

“You grargelarg tell Vaire gr Bring.”

“No I didn't! What are you doing with it?”
“Home grerggereg Man grargrga Mouth”

Sharky facepalmed in exasperation to avoid bursting out laughing.


The cat gingerly let it go and it fell into the grass before her. Sharky picked it up quickly before it set anything on fire. It was out of whatever was in it- smelled like tobacco- but it was still warm. On the side of the pipe it read the word “Slakre”.


Sharky packed it away where Vaire wouldn't get to it - just in case- and rode them back shortly after. It was getting dark, anyways.

Back at the cattery, once untacked, Sharky led the cats to their new, temporary stalls. She had placed the pipe in her pocket so she could take it back to the office, but after she taught the cats what “goodnight” was and left, she took it back out to inspect it.

“Ah, I see you found my pipe.”

Sharky threw her eyes towards the direction of the voice. A young, mildly shaggy-looking man leaned against his back against one of the walls. He quickly and politely stood up and reached out his hand.

“I'm Judge. You said to come in today?”
“You're to be the new Auxiliary Manager?”
“That's what I'm told...” He replied.

Sharky smiled.

“Your interview is tomorrow.”

Ignore this journal. >: )

I'm offering 4 different things here:

1 of something like this 
for any one of your cats. $25 or 2500 points. (I would usually charge at least $50)
I'm willing to add a more special background to make it count as detailed rather than regular for extra AP.

1 available. 
1 SPC= $15/1500 pts or $5/500 per pic. (can do up to 3 full SPCs)
1 AP = 33 :points:

that means you can get 30 AP for $10. 

That's not a bad deal. 
I'm also selling probably the ONLY public slots to each of these 3 girls:

Lio Daybreaker 1560 by SheduMaster
Can and has thrown blacks, dom whites, and balds. -3 Tiger. Higher than average and balanced stats. 2 stat bonuses. Good speed and stamina. Her nor any of her cubs have placed any less than 3rd in a contest, and are all undefeated in duels. Offer what you think a litter is worth. 

Deadly Lady of the Lightning Storm  3675 by SheduMaster
Heavy Full Mane True Black. Non BPD Carrier. 400 :points: for a litter.

Xerxephina 8650 by SheduMaster
Heavy Silky. Champagne. Does not yet have SPC but is the daughter of a Perfectly Matched Pair. No Roan. Good perspective stats. SPC will be ready by July Breeding Season. 800 :points: for a litter.

If you buy a litter, let me know when you're going to use it ahead of time. No restrictions on any month except October in Daybreaker's case.

Also I have males. 

Half price on ALL OF THEM:  Sunstorm Cattery Slot SaleOfficial:

12.5% Komanu. Silver Siam on Black. Tiger. Good stamina, speed, movement, and strength.
Full Litter: 1000 :points:
Half Litter: 500 :points:

- Has natural-born speed of 30 and otherwise balanced stats. Bald. Red base. Partial dom white.
Full Litter: 800 :points:
Half Litter: 400 :points:

-Has 2 stat bonuses. Soon to be 3. Very well-rounded stats. 
Full Litter: 800 :points:
Half Litter: 400 :points:

Black tiger on Dom white. Can throw balds. Very rounded stats.
Full Litter: 800 :points:
Half Litter: 400 :points:

Can throw black, full mane, or melanism with a wild card.
Full Litter: 800 :points:
Half Litter: 400 :points:

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